Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bella "The Opium"

As it’s said, a lot can happen over a cup of Coffee. With me, that lot is a lot of thinking, not certainly Introspection, but inspection of the surrounding, the People and the behaviour Of course. Aha, no no ..Don’t get me wrong!! I am not a Psychologist, I just enjoy challenging the conventional way of thinking, living and cursing.

Yes cursing that’s absolutely where I want to focus in this blog! Although I am writing after a considerably long time and the first Post of the year should be something more cheerful, I still feel that the experiences of the Past year should be reviewed and a lot of rework is much needed.

Just a few days ago , Someone told me , Make your Life Simple , ….I so wanted him to direct to the Introduction of my Blog , which says I am complex and I am a diehard fan of Ayn Rand( that justifies why I am complex).
Yep, so coming back to cursing, that emotional abuse which can really tear you apart from all angles and corners; I know it sounds shady but I have had a very close experience of this EA. It boggles my mind how I do blunders which nobody does, How I cross people who are absolutely so selfish that they never see your sacrifice; ok! Not sacrifice, but whatever you did for them.

And so after so many years of People watching , I am still clueless about the Human behaviour and My behaviour ( considering someone said I am an evil Witch) :P ( and the twilight girl -BELLA) :P

Friday, March 22, 2013

For your Friendship

I'm sorry that I've been

so caught up with other things
in my life lately

that I've not stayed in touch.

I know that I haven't been

considerate enough,

and I hope it doesn't seem like

I've taken your friendship

for granted.

I hope you know that

I truly appreciate you

and value our friendship.

And I thank you for all

that you've given me............

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Lady on the other side.........

While standing alone in the balcony of my house, I felt a rush of silence grabbing me in its darkness. Suddenly, the noises all around converged into a single sensation and forced me to rethink of my decision of choosing him as the best man of my life. I thought little of the past, and remembered, how someday I was the most important part of his life, or maybe I used to think so. My eyes were full of tears and my heart was flooded with an unusual pain and trouble. I did not know whether I would ever speak to him or not, or if I spoke to him, what will I talk about. He already lost his pristine image in my eyes but still his image followed me sometimes in moments of life……….

For a few seconds, a thought transfixed me. I was compelled to challenge the dilemma between my mind and my heart. For a moment, I was all away, far away from the worldly matters. What is true love? Or does something like that exist in this world, Is it a fiction, or a myth. I was under a situation of dissonance and loss.

My belief was that the strongest bond between two people is Friendship, A strange shield which covers them from the hay and storm of the outside world. But, with the recent incidences and events, my-self proclamation of understanding people was failing. I am still seeking answers to the purpose of love, how selfless it is. For now, it is just directing me to a deep Isolation of thoughts.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It is an unimaginable thought in our mind to leave our home, and go away from our lovely mother when we are born. We were kids, we grew, and we learnt to eventually move out of those four walls of our home to see more, we broke the shell, and landed up at places where we are. Today while sitting in the office and reading something anonymous this word reminded me of the days when I was in first year and I used to save my home phone number as Paradise. Sitting miles away from home, I sometimes feel that it is the only place where I need not be pretentious or smart. I can lie calm in my bed and feel the warmth of the old years.

What was it all? What was it that a Doll was all that I wanted, and now even articles of worth don’t charm me? I wonder sometimes, if there would have been a choice, for growing. What was it that winning a spoon race was good enough to fill me with a sense of achievement and now buying diamonds doesn’t bring that original smile? It is not a monologue but a thought which just surpassed my mind. Is it the burden of expectation, or is it the loss of vision that is expanding its darkness in the young generation today.
None of the lines above means that the world is going down, or people are not happy, it just means that now, we get across with a lot of mood swings, unlimited thinking and instability in mind. It becomes hard to sleep now, while when I was a kid, sleep was as oblivion as closing an eye. There were no words in my dictionary like enemy, jealousy and struggle, while there was a pool of natural happiness.
If given a chance, I would want to live in my childhood only. That is where, I am learning, learning to fly, learning to conquer, and learning to win. But then I think, that what all these years have given me, is it a no learning, no growing zone or is it an important part of my life. Do people expect more or do I think a lot?

After spending, experiencing and learning from innumerous instances in life, I still stay firm and say that, no one can demand on you, until and unless you don’t give them the rights to ruin you. Within these growing years , more and more people gathered around me , with their demands and expectations , but who stayed as natural as ever was my mother , who stays in that paradise , she makes it a home , a place where I still find peace .

There she stays , to whom I can go crying , lay in her hugging arms , can creep anyway , and still what I get in return is love . She makes me more confident, stronger and brighter, because at all times she reminds me that I am a part of her.
I truly love “Paradise” & “The Angel”.

@Ujjawal , While sitting in the office :) 

Monday, May 21, 2012


What is Fear? How do we define it? Is it something embedded in us overtime or is it something that always stayed within? When I look back to my childhood, it reminds me of memories and instances which made me what I am now. Unlike most of the children in society, I was the daring one, and I love my parents for the fact that they never stopped me from taking risks, which eventually made me stronger and less vulnerable to depression and sadness. This was something which took away many fears from my life, fear of falling from a tree, fear of dying in an accident or fear of making my mother unhappy. I developed the habit of demanding straight and putting forward my thought of life. Doing all this was making me more and clearer about what I want in my life. Throughout these years, I learnt many things, but the best thing that I could sustain was Self Love. Although it seems, very selfish and mean, and portrays an image of a girl with lots of attitude, but this is one thing which helped me to stand in the days of instability.

By Self love I certainly don’t mean that I don’t love people around me –I really do , but with values in me ever since my growing days , I learn that I cannot provide a long term happiness to anyone around me , until and unless I am not sure of it. I don’t believe in creating momentarily happiness and this is something I love about myself.

I can very well say that, by now, the reader has very clearly made an image of someone who is a narcissist or who loves to flaunt about her, and I don’t disagree to it.

People say “Life is like a flowing river, and you shall flow in the directions it takes you to”. Some others read the tarot cards and talk about what is destined in their life. But my beliefs are different; I strongly feel that a person can guide his or her own life by his own experiences. In this way, he may take a few wrong decisions, but he will certainly not believe to be driven by someone else.

Like every other emotion in humans, Fear is a part of life and acknowledging it would certainly show us some direction to overcome it, but my only food for thought is can we give up our lives for the sake of fear, for the sake of society, or for that matter for the sake of others? Should we stop caring about our wishes and sacrifice to make others happy? I hope the reader and my experiences on the ongoing journey of life would fetch some reasonable answers to my questions.

Thank you for reading the anonymous blog.

Ujjawal @food for thought

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hope in the hopeless ...........

Do not lose hope in the hopeless
Do not lose faith in yourself
Do not let others control your life
Do not go, from where you cannot come back
Do not resist your mind to follow your heart
Do not make happiness a past
Do not be the victim of compromise
Do not kill yourself for sacrifice
when u look back , see some rays
there is a path, there are many ways
It isn't a story, it isn't an end
don't push yourself, don't be sad
You are not a character, certainly not a part
Believe in living, shun the darkness
Stand up for yourself and be the one ……………not the follower but the leader!!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Man I Knew!!! :)

The smile across his face and eyes

Defines the brightness of his soul
Envisage the success of his goal

Assuring him , it's not a dream
His cheeks hurt , in joy , he scream

Known in World as silent and kind
Has now attained some peace in mind

Praised and liked for his lovely nature
Beware O gals ! he is a crazy creature

Who is he? The Man i knew
Dark as night and Damp as dew